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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Today an internet comedian suggested people with rootop solar should be charged $40 a day in the interests of "fairness".  That was a pretty good joke considering that Australians at the moment have the electricity they supply to the grid simply stolen from them and recieve a zero cents for each kilowatt-hour they supply.  Besides outright theft we should just add random charges as well.  That's fair.  Apparently the comedian is a  member of the first church of Jesus Coal and believes the more coal we burn the sooner we'll all be able to lie down with the sooty lamb of the lord, and, I dunno, hack black phlem over it from our diseased lungs or something.  Anyway, for him (and it's almost always a him) I reproduced this little ditty based on Bad Moon Rising:

Grid Defection Rising
- by Creedence Clearwater Revival not

I smell a diesel gen-set runnin',
I see grid defection on the way,
Power'n refrigeration 'n lighting,
It's cheaper than on the grid to stay,

Rip the cord tonight,
For gen-set provided light,
There's grid defection on the rise.

They want to take your forty dollars,
Not each month but every day,
Cheaper to use gosh-darn diesel,
Who'd be stupid enough to pay?

Rip the cord tonight,
For gen-set provided light,
There's grid defection on the rise.


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Sunday, August 03, 2014

To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee: A Synopsis

Atticus Finch appears to live an idealic life with his family in small town America. However, after a near fatal head injury gives him epilepsy, in the time after seizures Atticus is able to see the town as it really is - a zoo containing the last unmutated human survivors of a nuclear war. After the war mutated animals gained telepathy and a controlling overmind and now the rule the world outside of radiation zones. With the help of "Boo" Radley who he formally thought of as the town's madman, Atticus Finch formulates a plan to kill the animal that is the key node of the local animal overmind so he and his fellow survivors can escape to freedom in a nearby radiation zone. They plan to give the mutant humans dwelling there the gifts of technology and lead them in rebellion against the animal overlords. Hence the title, To Kill a Mockingbird. Tragically, Harper Lee died of a massive bad acid trip before she could finish the second and third volumes of her planned trilogy. If completed this work would surely be considered the greatest literary accomplishment in the English language.

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