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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Edward Teller Was A Grumpy Old Feller Who Could Blow You Under The Table

Edward Teller was a grumpy old feller,
Who some considered unstable,
Said Oppenheimer could be finer,
At the hearing table.

Thought nothing wrong with a hydrogen bomb,
At Port Hope Alaska,
Wanted nuclear bombs to get oil from,
The tar sands in Alberta,

Told Israel how not to fail,
At building nukes for a bomber,
Had a heart attack, his composture cracked,
And he blamed it on Jane Fonda. 

Thought nukes in space would win the arms race,
Was very fond of the Gipper,
His claims inflated, he exagerated,
Because his lips didn't come with a zipper.

Stanislaw he treated poor,
No credit did he give to he,
Since he's no more it's time to take score,
Intelligence 18  Wisdom 3. 

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