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Friday, November 20, 2015

Coal-0! Cooooooaaallllllll-O!

Coal-0!  Cooooooaaallllllll-O!
Daylight come but no collier be here,
Coal, me say coal, me say coal, me say coal,
Me say coal, me say coal-O.
Daylight come but no collier be here.

Robot mine while I sit on bum,
Chinese collier for coal no come,
Stack de carbon till de collier come,
Bear chase coal price watch him run.

Come Mister collier, carry way me carbon,
Daylight come but no collier be here.
Coal so old no more oxidation, 
Coal get cold while sitting in de sun.

Fifty mega, hundred mega, two fifty megatonne fall!
Chinese coal consumption he hit wall,
Balance sheet he looking appalled,
Collier no come no coal get hauled.

A beautiful bunch of fossilised tree,
Morning come but no collier for me,
Hide the deadly climate change!
Daylight come and de world look strange.

A little background:  World coal consumption peaked in 2013.  Seabourne coal prices are now two fifths what they were at their height in early 2011.  In 2015 total Chinese coal consumption may be down 250 million tonnes from its peak.  A collier is a bulk transport ship for carrying coal.

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