Ronald Brak

Because not everyone can be normal.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Stupid Science Limricks written by me.

After his mind was let loose,
Steven Hawkings was soon to deduce,
An interesting fact,
That holes that are black,
Are really actually puce.

A women helped Watson and Crick,
Discover DNA's trick,
But she got in the way,
Of radiation they say,
And died before fame could stick.

Pascal enjoyed a bit of a wager,
But at logic he wasn't a major,
He should have known well,
That praying could send you to hell,
Instead of being the thing to save ya.

Doctor Spock saved children from tears,
By saying not to exploit their fears,
But it is such a shame,
That when I mention his name,
People think he should have pointy ears.

There was a young man named Teller,
Who was a strange sort of a feller,
A man's reputation was busted,
When he said Oppenheimer couldn't be trusted,
And implied he was both red and yeller.

Professer Haber was a Noble prize winner,
For his invention stops people getting thinner,
But many met their doom,
When used to make things that go boom,
And not just to grow food for dinner.

A lass thought Pythagoras cute,
And dated him just for a hoot,
Althoughs she thought he was nice,
Her passion soon turned to ice,
Because she didn't enjoy the square root.

Flemming discovered some mould,
That happened to be medical gold,
He said, "Patents are bunk!"
But his discovery sunk,
Until World War II took hold.