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Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm Back!

Well I'm back in South Australia and I haven't seen a single giant insect since I arrived. How depressing! And time is out of joint again. It doesn’t get completely dark until after nine o’clock here. And every time I come here the moon moves lower in the sky.

Now some people may say that it's not the moon that has gotten lower in the sky but rather it's me who as moved further along the curvature of the earth. These people might also go on to say that everything that happens is not to do with me and that I am not the centre of the universe. Well if I'm not the centre of the universe, then how come everything happens from my point of view? Answer that one, Mister Smartypants! (Wow, I think I have now reached a level of self-centeredness that allows me to become a right wing blogger!)


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