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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Even Darker Side of the Force!

I was talking to my brother yesterday. Well, not actually talking as such, we were more verbalizing our internal thought processes while in the same room, when my brother pointed out something interesting about Star Wars. In the Star Wars movies there is supposed to be a light side of the Force and a dark side of the Force. The dark side of the Force is described as giving in to anger or fear or desire for revenge when fighting. So does this mean that if you can cut people up with a light sabre while maintaining a pleasant state of mind you are using the good side of the Force? Surely wouldn't someone who cuts another person in half without experiencing anger or fear would be a psycho nutcase rather than a person who could be described as being on the good side of anything? Instead of the light side of the Force, surely the sociopathic side of the Force would be a better description?


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