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Friday, November 04, 2005

If the ground writhes, I'm happy.

Well I'm back in Queensland now, as opposed to South Australia and it's quite pleasent to be back in the sub-tropics. I was getting tired of living in an area where I could walk outside and not see some form of bizarre organism crawling around. Now that I'm back I've already seen lizards, frogs, a hand spider (generic name for any spider the size of your hand), ants that build nests in trees, etc. I also like the approach to pest control in this house. Last night a cockroach flew inside and a geko ran out from behind a painting and ate it. Back in South Australia the ecosystem seems to be dominated by feral apes and ducks. The ducks are nice enough, but the apes don't seem as cheerful or as relaxed as the ones around here. Possibly this is due to the large number of churches in South Australia, which I've found generally have a bad effect upon apes, or maybe it's just something to do with the rate at which cannibis grows here.


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