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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Intelligent Designers are losers, I mean losing!

One of the lovely people who left comments on this blog, Anonymous, has pointed out something very interesting. But before I tell you what it is, I’d just like to say what a beautiful name Anonymous is. It sounds like it should be the name of a Greek hero or something. Anyway, my hero, Anonymous, says that the term irreducibly complex means, “it won’t work without all its parts,” and that it is used more on proteins and enzymes than body parts.

I have noticed creationists, generally ones who call themselves Intelligent Design proponents, talking a lot about little itty bitty things like proteins and enzymes and bacteria flagella and the blood clotting cascade and so on lately. I think there is a good reason for this. I think it’s because the creationists are losing. They are losing big time. Nowadays people are getting pretty educated and even children can point out plenty of holes in the creationist’s arguments. And these days creationists aren’t allowed to slap a ten year old who points out that dinosaurs lived over 64 million years ago, not six thousand.

So creationists had to find something new with which to confuse and bamboozle people and they found it in the internal processes of cells. Plenty of people know that dinosaurs and people didn’t coexist, but how many people know how a bacterium’s flagellum could have evolved from a structure used to cut holes in cell membranes? Not many, so convincing the average Joe and the average Eileen that the structures must have been designed and couldn’t have evolved isn’t that hard. Of course biologists know there is no reason why cellular structures couldn’t have evolved and indeed you can go to P.Z. Myers site and enjoy him energetically debunk Intelligent Design until he’s frothing at the keyboard. Due to the efforts of people like P.Z. and ten year olds who aren’t afraid to ask questions, Intelligent Design creationism will eventually go the way of geocentrism. When you think about it, any god that feels the need to hide behind a bacterium’s flagellum isn’t a very impressive entity at all.


At 12:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning me! I'm so flattered, although, I'm not quite sure if you meant it in a flattering way. That's the trouble with written English. Spoken English is full of clues indicating what the speaker really means. Someone told me once they went to a communication class and the instructor brought up the sentence "I didn't say you were stupid". (Please, I'm using the example as it was given to me; I'm not saying anything more) The sentence can mean 6 different things depending on what word is stressed. Stress the "I" and it could mean "I didn't but someone else did say...". Stress "Didn't" and it could mean "No I never said that...". etc.


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