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Monday, October 03, 2005

Scary Mail on God

I just went for a walk. I went past the RSL with the sign saying that Vietnam vets meet there on Mondays. Past the sex shop and past Freewheeling, which is a place where you can buy all sorts of items used to smoke dried plant material. The opening hours of Freewheeling are written very neatly on the shop window in large letters: Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00amish to 6:00pm. Once when I was walking past the sex shop I felt like going in and looking at the merchandise on display, but it was raining at the time and there was something about wearing a raincoat and going into a sex shop at the same time that set off my depravity alarm and prevented me from going in.

The reason why I went for a walk was to get some bread, which I totally forgot to do. Forgetfulness like this is why I should never be allowed to perform heart transplant surgery. I would probably cut someone open, remove their diseased heart, stitch them back up again and wonder why they don’t work no more.

When I returned home from my walk I found a very scary pamphlet in my letterbox with some rather frightening pictures on the front. The first three pictures were of the September eleventh mass murder in New York, a bombed out street with a man holding an AK-47 or some other type of lead spitty device, and a perfectly ordinary looking oil refinery, which I guess could be scary if you had a pipe phobia.

The pamphlet said that strife, turmoil and tragedy where were increasing in their magnitude and effects upon the world. This was news to me. Personally I thought that rates of child beating and spouse beating and so on had gone way down since I was a kid, but I guess I could be mistaken. It also said that the answers to the world’s problems were in the bible and that God’s purpose was to fill the earth with his glory. I found this statement to be very interesting because the fourth scary picture on the pamphlet was of a church in New Orleans engulfed by floodwaters. What are they trying to say here? That God’s glory involves drowning his worshippers? It’s not a very good photo if you are trying to promote the bible. It might make you think that some other holy book other might be better at giving answers. Personally it just makes me think that the people who made this pamphlet aren’t very clear thinkers.


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