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Monday, October 03, 2005

Serenity and Politics - Part 2

I've had three comments from people who aren't spambots so far and while three may not sound like many, the average quality has been pretty darn high. I even got one from P.Z. Myers! (Arr!) In response to my short post on the movie Serenity and politics I received the following comment that is so good I feel the need to reproduce it in full. (The Joss referred to is Joss Wheldon, the creator of Serenity):

Tully said...

Certainly any 'text' can be interpreted in any way. With evidence. And the ability to use that evidence. (That last one is probably the difficult bit for most (by which I mean for Republicans)). Look at religion. The Bible is probably the best example of a source text that can be interpreted in a multitude of ways (interesting, then, that postmodernism took so long to be "invented" haha) Anyway!

But even Joss said Mal is libertarian if not quite Republican. There are reasons why he doesn't want the government on his doorstep (or at his hatch). Perhaps if the Browncoats had won the war he would feel differently about the government.

And, I'm just ruminating here, would anyone call Orwell right-wing? Winston Smith doesn't want the government's nose in his business, but that doesn't mean he's anti-government in general, only against the current, extreme, administration.

Isn't that a cool comment? It's a lot better than the actual post I wrote. I think I'm starting to really enjoy this blogging stuff. Please keep the comments coming everyone.


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