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Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Solution to Quite a Few of the World's Problems!

Global temperatures are rising, oil supplies are dwindling, Presidents are getting people killed. What do all these problems have in common? They can all be solved through my simple solution to make the world a better place. My plan is simple. It involves reintroducing the codpiece as a fashion statement. Just think, if codpieces became fashionable again, no one would ever have to buy an SUV. They could just go and buy a huge, honking, chrome plated codpiece and get exactly the same amount of satisfaction from it as from driving one of those enormous, 4-wheel-drive, continental siege machines. No one would ever feel the need to buy a gas-guzzler again, provided the dash of the Honda Civic was modified to allow larger sized codpieces to fit. And the entire Iraq invasion could have been avoided if only George Bush had been permitted to wear the world’s largest codpiece - sixty foot long, matt black and made of carbon fiber. Sure it might take a squad of young men running alongside to support its weight, but it’s better for a young man to strain his back to supporting the Presidental penis then it is for a young man to get shot because of the lack of Presidential penis.


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