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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I couldn’t be bothered to write about my lack of enthusiasm…

I haven’t done any work at all today. Not unless you get really imaginative with the definition of the word work. Even my dreams weren’t particularly productive this morning. They were just about how the dingier restaurants in Japan are better value for money, me discovering a good luck cat charm and a collection of novelty decoratred eggs in the gutter and my obtaining my own flat while still a high school student and deciding that I could learn more by staying at home and reading rather than attending school.

It’s funny that although I have travelled the world, battled blood sucking diseased monsters, been savagely hurled through the air and cruelly injured by mechanical monstrosities, and have sat through the entirety of Highlander 2, but my worst nightmares still involve high school. But then too this day I have still not faced anything as horrific as high school. I’m not saying that it was as bad as gutting fish for 12 hours a day, but it would have been nice to have had that option.

Not that I had any nightmares last night, but there was nothing that was obviously money making. No award winning songs, no great inventions, no locations to secret buried treasures. (Not that people ever let me dig deep enough into their living room floors before they call the police.) So basically there is no way I can claim to have done work.

It seems that for some strange reason I’m just generally reluctant to do work.

So from now on I’ve decided to only take on projects that engage my enthusiasm. If I feel like working on projects involving space travelling bonobos or nanobot chimpanzees, then gosh darn it, I’ll work on those projects! Instead of working on things I want to work on, I’ve been getting myself all twisted out of shape worring about things like artistic merit, taste, coherence, legality and making any kind of sense what so ever. Well all that’s going out the window and I pity those poor fools who get hit by the pointy triangles of coherence! The world is going to see a new me, and I’m not talking about a clone I grew in a vat! A new productive me that will cast off the shackles of convention! A me that won’t be held back or hampered by self imposed…

Is that the time? I’d better be getting to bed. I’ll finish this later. Well I would, except having to finish it later makes it seem a bit like work, and as I may have mentioned, I’m not too motivated about doing work…


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