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Sunday, May 28, 2006

X-Men 3 - The Development Meeting

STUDIO EXECUTIVE 1: Okay, now the first two movies did alright, but it's up to us to make sure X-Men 3 is going to be the money making blockbuster of 2006. We have the preliminary script here and this time round we have a director who knows how to take direction, if you know what I mean; so how can we make sure this baby brings home the bacon? Just what is it that kids like these days? And when I say kids I mean fat thirty year old nerds who are our main source of revenue.

EXEC 2: They like mutants, that's what they like.

EXEC 1: Way ahead of you number 2. I've already instructed the writers to rework the script so it includes every single mutant in the marvel universe, no matter how obscure or lame. That way the fans of every single marvel comic mutant will go and see the movie because it will have their favourite character in it. For about 30 seconds.

EXEC 2: Kids don't like boring movies with lots of talk.

EXEC 1: Okay, we'll cross out all this dialogue in the script and replace it with explosions.

EXEC 2: And don't forget T&A and muscle. Everyone has to wear skin tight outfits. And if the actresses don't have silicon implants, make sure their costumes do.

EXEC 1: Have we forgotten anything?

EXEC 3: What about the X-Men acting as a metaphor for what it is like to be a minority in the United States, with Dr. X and Magneto standing in for Martin Luther King and Malcom X respectively?

EXEC 1: Don't sweat it. I've already crossed that part out.


At 4:10 PM, Blogger Hal said...

So like the header says something about science and politics... so.. whats love got to do with it? Whats love but a second hand emotion?

btw: check this out:


At 4:12 PM, Blogger Hal said...

previous post is a failed attempt to post an image on your blog. check the link.


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