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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Shields Up - Spam Defenses Activated

You know, I've got a feeling that not everybody out there on the internet is entirely honest.

A couple of days ago when I started this blog I had only just put up my second post when someone wrote a comment saying that my blog was really creative and that they would definately bookmark it. This was interesting as my two posts consisted of the sentences, "This is a test," and, "This is another test." I shudder to think what a boring life he must lead to think that was really creative. Oh, and he also wanted me to buy land in New Orleans or something.

The second comment I received was from someone who seemed to want me to send money to help the plight of poverty stricken young women with large busts who apparently couldn't afford adequate clothing. There was a link with pictures and everything. Although I felt for these women, I decided that there are people in the developing world who would benefit from my charity more.

So to protect my readers from purchasing real estate that is now technically part of the continental shelf, and from feeling depressed at the sight of sad, yet compelling images of poor young women who have lost everything, including the shirts off their backs, I have activated word verification for comments.


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