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Thursday, October 13, 2005

I’ve been told that I have to write about politics if I want my blog to be popular.

I guess there may be some people who don’t think I’m entitled to write about U.S. politics as I am not an American myself, but I think that perhaps my position as an outsider may allow me to make some valuable observations that may not be readily apparent to American citizens.

For instance, to an outsider, it does appear that United States does have a bit of a problem with its deficit, which certain foreign investors think may result in a bit of a complete financial disaster. Also, we’re a little worried that the current heavy American presence in the Middle East may not be in the best long-term interests of all parties involved. And we’re a little concerned with the complete lack of leadership shown by the United States in many situations involving international cooperation. If at the end of the twentieth century the United States had wanted to lead the world, then all it had to do was lead. But now that opportunity appears to have been pissed away.

But I’m optimistic about the future. I look forward to the day when the United States can overcome the damage caused by shortsighted policies, live up to its ideals and once again become a guiding beacon to the people of the world.

Personally, I’ll just be glad when the expression, “I’m bushed,” goes back to meaning, “I’m really tired,” rather than, “I’m bleeding from my anus in a prison in Iraq.”


At 10:49 PM, Blogger Rev. Bob said...

Nonsense. America is the one country whose politics everybody's allowed -- nay, invited -- to comment on. I mean, Howard may be as ignorant and miserable a little thug as our Bush is and Blair may be nothing but a well-spoken crook with a taste for fascism, but our guy's the only one who's liable to make your life miserable even if you don't live here.

So have a ball. Besides, we've already proved that we're too stupid to manage this country; maybe y'all can figure it out.


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