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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Movies and Crop Circles (Warning! Contains spoilers for the well filmed but badly thought out movie, Signs.)

Since I wrote about how crop circles are formed, I've had some thoughts about a Mel Gibson movie I saw in which aliens used crop circles to help their invasion fleet navigate, on account of how latitude and longitude are so 17th century. At the end of this movie we discovered that the aliens' weakness was that water was a deadly acid to them. This is a very interesting weakness, because previously in the movie the aliens were running around in cornfields stark naked. I guess they were running so fast in an attempt to escape the dew point. I mean really, if you were going to visit a planet in which it rained acid, had oceans of acid, and you wanted to abduct life forms that sweat, spit and pee acid, would you do it naked? This would surely have to be one of the all time badly planned alien invasions in the history of the galaxy. "I'm sorry boys, but we forgot acid proof suits and the kill-o-zap ray guns, so you'll have no defence against humans peeing on you or cutting off your fingers with kitchen knives, but on the bright side, our pee is poison gas to them."

The movie ends with Mel Gibson's character having his belief in a kind and benevolent God restored. Which is a bit odd, because you'd think having seven foot tall, green, demonic creatures that emit poison gas attempt to abduct your family members would be more likely to reinforce your belief in Satan. Oh well. Perhaps in the sequel the aliens will have better luck when they return with advanced technology they stole off us, such as clothes.


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