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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Ow! I Seem to Lack Suitable Positions.

Ow! I spent mere hours lying on my stomach studying maths yesterday and now my back hurts. Ooh, I knew bipedalism was a bad idea! Now I seem to lack any suitable positions to study in that are actually comfortable. I guess, ow, that I will just have to sit ramrod straight and see if that helps. Although admittedly it will be as straight as a rather odd ramrod, one that's shaped as though it has a curved spine. My spine always seems to be curved whenever I'm standing or sitting up. There must be something wrong with me. My teachers used to tell me to sit up straight all the time, but the only way I could manage that was by strapping myself to the chair and that only seemed to upset them. I asked Father O'Flannery about this and he said that when I strapped myself to the chair I was taking all the fun out of it.

One bright point in the midst of all this spinal darkness is that the toe I thought I had broken on Friday isn't very painful at all and so may not be broken. Fingers crossed.

Quiet please while I cross them.

Oh good, no snapping noise.

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