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Friday, March 02, 2012

A Fairly Typical Day, Really.

I made it on time to my morning calculus lecture without experiencing car breakage in a downward or any other direction. And surprisingly, even though I had managed to prepare for the wrong lecture I managed to understand some of what the lecturer said. Normally for me I can see people's mouths moving, but what comes out is just so much noise. And I'm not just talking about calculus, I'm talking about everything people say to me. I usually understand people by reading their lips. And no, there is nothing wrong with my hearing. It's just that it takes less effort to read lips than it takes to bother to pay attention to what people are actually saying.

After the lecture I went home because, quite frankly, I find the presence of humans disturbing. At home I tried to review trigonometry but I found the textbook I was using difficult, so I decided to head back to uni early and find a better textbook in the library. Indeed, I found six better textbooks and borrowed them all. I think I may have a problem. I'm addicted to textbooks. I like to rub them against my skin and feel the knowledge entering me via osmosis. And no, I'm not trying to hobble the competition by borrowing all the books. I borrowed these from the education section. They're all high school textbooks. So I'm not hobbling the other students unless they are as dumb as me, in which case nothing I do short of putting gravel in their braincases can make things worse for them.

I spent an hour in the library checking out books and then checking out the books that I'd checked out and then headed out to my afternoon lecture. I walked into the theature and was surprised to see that my lecturer had just given a lecture in the same place he was about to give another lecture in. I sat down and everyone left and no one came in, and an hour or two later I realised that the lecture I wanted to attend had just finished as I came in. Whoops. I got up, started to head out of the lecture theature and tripped and broke a toe. Unfortunately, as there was no one else about, it happened to be my own.

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