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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Earlier today I was sitting at my very small table writing notes on my laptop from a large calculus textbook. As there wasn't room on the table I had put the textbook on the ironing board. Unfortunately, I was having a great deal of difficulty as the ironing board was just too high. I tried standing, but that got old quick, and then tried sitting and craning my neck, but that wasn't very cromulent either. So I decided to apply my massive brain to the problem and come up with a solution. After cognating upon my conundrumous dilemma for an hour, I'd quite worn out my massive brain and lay down on the floor to recuperate. While lying there I looked up and saw that the ironing board actually had a mechanism for adjusting its height. What unbelievable luck! I mean, really, what are the odds against that? I immediately leapt to my feet with joy and then collapsed as a result of propelling the ironing board through the window with my head. After fetching the ironing board from outside, putting ice on my head and pulling broken glass out of my feet, I adjusted the ironing board and immediately celebrated by writing this instead of studying.

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