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Friday, February 10, 2012

Used to Have Crabs When I Was Younger

When I was younger we always used to get crabs down at the beach. But not any more. I was hoping I could go down and catch crabs today, but no luck. We used to be proud to have crabs. Having crabs meant we were lucky. In today's world so few people are blessed with having so much life.

It used to be that there were more crabs than you could poke a stick at. Even if you had a stick so big you needed both hands to wave it around, you still couldn't poke it at all the crabs on that beach. But that's all over now. I tried and tried, but no matter what holes I probed or crevices I stuck my face in there were no crabs to be had anywhere

But there was one thing there was plenty of down at the beach and that was balls. There were balls everywhere, far too many to count, lying on the sand. Their owners had reached down, dug them out and left them on the beach for everyone to see. It warmed my heart to see all those sandy balls because if there is one constant about Queensland beaches, where there are balls, there are crabs. You might not be able to see them, but they're there.

You see, the crabs dig into the sand, roll the sand into little balls and leave them on the beach. And there were millions of balls, so the crabs are still there. I'm guessing that the crabs no longer come out in the daylight. This make me think that if I were head down to the beach at night I would have an excellent chance of catching crabs. Not that I would do anything to harm them if I did catch crabs. I would just admire them and then let free to go on with their lives. I love these crabs. I just wish I had some so I could spread them around. If you live on the beach in Queensland I'd love to give you crabs. Then you could breed them up and give crabs to a couple of friends. And if they each gave crabs to a couple of their friends, then we'll be well on our way to having as many crabs as we did when I was young.

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