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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Me Tarzan, You Zoologically Confused

I started watching Tarzan the animated movie by Disney, but I had to stop due to aural distress. I really don't know what they were thinking when they did the soundtrack to that movie. They start off showing us gorillas, but they have the gorillas making chimpanzee sounds. Did they think the discrepancy wouldn't be noticed? I know that film makers do this all the time for for other animals such as birds, but chimpanzees are in the same order as us, so it kind of stands out. Actually we should be in the same family, but 19th century cladists were scared god would get them if they lumped us too close together. Anyway, I spent a great deal of my childhood locked in a cage in a medical lab that had several chimpanzees, and since I had a perfectly normal childhood, I suspect that most people know what a chimpanzee sounds like and know that sound sounds like something that is not a gorilla. I really had to work hard to suspend my disbelief in the face of this aural discord and I was onlly just beginning to succeed at that Herculean task, when they suddenly switched from having the gorillas make chimpanzee sounds to human sounds. Or at least they were speaking English. I can produce several people who will attest that the English are human, at least provisionally.

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