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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Heritage Foundation is Lying About the Cost of the Waxman-Markey Carbon Trading Bill

The Heritage Foundation in the United States has produced a report saying that the carbon emission trading scheme currently under consideration, which will reduce CO2 emissions by about 1.8% annually, will cost the average American family $1,500 US a year, apparently for the next forty years.

This is a load of dingos' kidneys. I know that this is a load of dingos' kidneys because with $1,500 a year the average American family could afford to cut their CO2 emissions by a heck of a lot than 1.8% a year. For example they could buy insulation, install a geothermal heat pump, purchase a hybrid or a plug in hybrid when their old car needs replacing, install solar panels and or a micro wind turbine or fuel cell. Plant trees, add biochar and powdered olivine to the garden, etc. Note that most of these actions will actually save money and leave the family better off. But according to the Heritage Foundation a carbon trading scheme, which is a method of cutting carbon emissions at the lowest cost, will somehow end up costing families $1,500 a year with no benefit. These dingo’s kidneys are fetid. I’m astounded that the Heritage Foundation can still find people willing to gobble them up.

The Heritage Foundation is lying. They are not just stupid, otherwise I would expect their mistakes to be in random directions rather than always in the, “Carbon dioxide is fun and who needs icecaps anyway?” direction. It is not necessary to consciously lie to be a liar. All that is required when you are writing something you are passing off as an authoritative report is not to perform necessary intellectual hygiene. For example, do I have all the facts? Have I run this by someone who actually knows what they are talking about? Could some 12 your old with aspergers tear me a new one on this? And so on.

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