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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Why don't children do end runs around their parent's wills?

Today I heard another story about a elderly man who kept changing his will whenever one of his children upset him. Now he's dead he's left behind half-a-dozen wills and the children are all fighting over his estate. What I wonder is why don't the children of rich but crotchety parents visit a solicitor and sign a contract where they agree to pool and equally divide whatever they receive from their parent's estate? They can also agree on a division of family heirlooms in advance. I have never heard of this being done despite the amount of misery it would save many families. Instead of competing with their siblings in being nice to their parents they would only have to be nice enough to make sure their parents don't give away their assets to friends, more distant relatives and charity. That alone would be worth a lot and dramatically cut down on the amount of hipocracy in the world.


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