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Saturday, March 04, 2006

John Howard is a Cheeky Chappy!

On Wednesday the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, said in an interview:

"We have a declining population. We are all getting older and the nation is ageing, and we have to handle these issues."

I dunno, but I think that it's a bit late to be worrying about this now. I mean it's a bit rich to struggle for years and years to keep filthy refugees out of the country and then whinge about the declining population. You know, I think I can see a way here we could have killed two birds with one sinking refugee packed boat.

And it's also a bit much to complain about a declining population after going on and on for years about traditional family values. You see most Australian women grew up in traditional families and as a result they know that traditional family values suck. My own mother would have a cup of coffee and read the newspaper everyday. If she wasn't doing that and was conscious, then she was doing some sort of work. Non stop. It doesn't take young women a lot of brains to realize that isn't an especially attractive deal. I've known several women who want to have children but probably won't because they think they have to be married first. It's the 21st century, for Buddha’s sake, isn't it about time we had a Prime Minister who was against traditional family values?


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