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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Severed Head to Completed school ratio: Metrics of Success in Iraq

via Brad Delong

I found an interesting article today. Apparently this chap called Victor Davis Hanson believes that:

“…the terrorists have an invaluable ally in the global media, whose “if it bleeds, it leads” brand of journalism always favors the severed head in the street over the completion of yet another Iraqi school.”

So he believes that the media doing what the media has always done counts as being allied to terrorists? I think this sort of statement just goes to prove my theory that key members of the U.S. ruling class are being affected by Soviet mind control. Already they are convincing America that the free press is the enemy of freedom while destroying the economy of the world's greatest capitalist nation by forcing the government to cut taxes and run massive deficits. Getting America to bog itself down in the Iraqi equivalent of Afganistan was a stroke of genius. And I don't even have to mention their sucess in getting the American President to drink vodka in private.

But anyway, back to the article that Hanson wrote. That’s an interesting metric he’s got going there. He apparently he believes that the utility of one completed Iraqi school is equal to or greater than the disutility of one severed head. Gee, and who says the Americans have no way of telling if they are winning or losing in Iraq?

AMERICAN OFFICER: How many severed heads* did we find in the street this month corporal?

CORPORAL: Three sir!

OFFICER: And how many schools did we complete?

CORPORAL: Four sir!

OFFICER: Excellent! We’re winning!

*That is heads severed with sharp pieces of metal, not blown off by explosions or sliced off by flying shards of glass, with no pieces of torso attached and with the head still at least 90% intact.

I find it hard to believe any Iraqi kid could have a normal school life in a place where they find even single severed heads lying in the street. Over here parents pull kids out of school simply on account of poisonous snakes being found on the oval. I think even a single severed head would result in more kids being pulled out of school than a whole mess of limbless reptiles. Unless Victor Davis Hanson thinks the following type of conversation is common in Iraqi:

MOTHER: How many severed heads can you see on the street today, Achmed?

SON: Just one, Mama.

MOTHER: Okay, you can go to school today, but if you see more than one extra severed head on the way, you come straight back home, you hear? Three severed heads is just too many.


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