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Saturday, February 11, 2006

RU486? No I'm much younger.

I see the senate thinks Australian women should be allowed access to the abortion drug RU486 and doesn't think the Health Minister should be allowed to keep it for himself as his special plaything. Now I think the senate has been a little hard on the Health Minister for wanting to keep it all to himself. They just don't seem to understand his situation. You see he's Catholic so he's not allowed to use a condom when he gets it on with chicks. It would make baby Jesus cry. (Although why God lets baby Jesus watch the Health Minister get it on is beyond me.) But, if he just happens to have all this RU486 laying around in his pad and the honeys just happen to take some, well then it's their sin and not his. This way the big guy will still be able to get to heaven.

Anyway, the Health Minister had to take this particular drug out of the hands of the usual bunch of doctors and health care experts, you know, those losers who normally decide which drugs are safe for Australains and keep it under his own personal control in the interests of women's health. He said so himself. So I'm wondering why he didn't care about women's health for all those other drugs that he left in the control of the usual bunch of wankers? Why didn't he protect Australian women from those drugs that treat breast cancer? And why didn't he protect them from the ones that lower cholesterol? Why did he follow the dangerous course of leaving them in the hands of a bunch of qualified experts? Was he just too lazy to protect women from all these drugs? And why does he only seem intersted in protecting women from medical treatment? Why isn't he protecting men from medical treatment too? I demand the Health Minister protect my health too by making drugs for men his own personal fiefdom! I demand the Health Minister protect me from testicular cancer drugs the same way he protects women from RU486! My balls are on the line here and if that's something he can't handle he should step down in favour of someone who's willing to take things in hand.


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