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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

There is no such thing as global warming and who needs glaciers anyway?

Those stupid bloody hippies are at it again. They are whining about global warming simply because Great Southern City One has had its worst heatwave in sixty years. This goes to show how brainless these hippies are. If it's the worst heatwave in sixty years, then obviously it must have been hotter sixty years ago than it is now, proving there is no such thing as global warming! Stupid hippies! I hate you!

And what's more, this melting icecaps thing is a complete scam. I went to the beach the other day and in the couple of hours I was there the sea level actually got noticably lower. When I pointed this out to a stupid hippy he started going on about the tides and the moon's gravitational pull. What a load of nonsense! I couldn't even see the moon! Stupid hippy.


At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uhm, on the whole I find you to be a very astute and original thinker. But this single blog entry of 6 years ago is a bad apple in the bin, for the reason that when you can not see the moon has nothing to do whether tides are low or high.

For the lowest tides, it matters if the moon (and sun) are at or near the horizon, meaning at a zero degree angle for the lowest tides. If the moon and sun are directly opposite positions of your location (12 am at a new moon period of the month), the spring tides could be at near maximum for reason of distance inverse gravitatation relationship to distance. Low tides are supposed to be the perpendicular angle to the same.

Actually, this is not entirely true as waves of tides flow in all sorts of unusual ways, but in this case the hippie was (sadly) doubly correct. A) you being able to see the moon has nothing to do with low tides, as the moon could be near but below the horizon, if not a new moon during daylight B) waves of tide maximums flow around the world in rather interesting ways, so the tidal theory gets off set somewhat.

I do not personally know the tides situation too much beyond these basics, but just letting you know this single blog is very far off (so much so I would delete it, as other blogs seem to me to be refreshingly original and timely). In fact, the long hair probably wrote you off as one of the many scientifically uninformed individuals, which I find not to be at all generally correct.

Everyone misfires sooner or later.


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