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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Boys only classes - Wot a good idea.

The Liberal party in South Australia plans to introduce Boys only classes if they win the state election. (Note to Americans: Here Liberal means conservative.) This is supposed to help the boys. Well I think this is a great idea because it will prepare them for the many male only workplaces that exist in Australia today.

Now I'm not sure if they realize this, but introducing boys only classes also means they will be introducing girls only classes. Now this is intolerable. Without the deadweight of these stupid boys who need special boys only classes the girls are going to way outperform the boys. So I suggest that while the boys are in their boys only maths classes the girls can go learn how to bake cakes, just like back in the good old days. That will create equality. In the good old days we had plenty of boys only classes and life was perfect then. Unless of course you were a woman. Or drafted. Or black. Or sick. Or foreign. Or an abused child. Or poor. Or... but the point is that despite all the poverty, disease and discrimination, things were better back then because they just were.

The Liberals also plan to introduce more sports to help boys. That's a good idea. I mean just think of all those kids who were good at football at high school and went on to high paying infomation technology jobs while those computer nerds they used to beat up at school went on to become stuck in low paying semi-skilled manual labour.

The Liberals say that women are no longer disadvantaged and so they will take money from women's groups and give it to men's groups. This is a great idea. I mean our tax money is not to be used where it will do the most good, it's to be used as a political football. Instead of making a case that more Australians would be better off if the money were distributed differently we'll just pull an opinion out of our arse and decide which Australians to help based on that. What a great idea. I mean every year women bilk money out of the medical system that men never see. It is blatant sexism that men don't recieve government support for things such as pre-natal care, childbirth, or ovarian cancer. And just because I'd rather die a painful death than examine my own scrotum for cancer doesn't mean I don't deserve equal treatment. Women have been hiding behind their wombs for far too long.

I completely agree with the Liberals when they say that women are no longer disadvantaged. Just look at the way women dominate parliment and I think Australia has had far too many female Prime Ministers and just look at how many high paid CEOs are women. It's time to redress the imbalance and the Liberals are on the right track to do that. I for one know that when I was in school we had to study far too many of Shakespere's plays that were written by women.


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