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Monday, May 21, 2012

An Affront to Gods

I must say, I am enjoying it, lording it over all my puppets.  The members of my puppet government tremble at my approach.  Provided of course, I stomp on the floor hard enough as I do so.

But there is something I forgot to mention.  A week or two ago I wrote that one of my cars had been stolen, but it turned out it had actually been towed away by the local council.  When I confronted them about this and asked them why my car had been towed they said it was because it was an affont to god.  I asked them which god, and they said, "Take your pick."

So now I am engaged in theological study, attempting to find a god that approves of hot pink edsels with a purple metallic stripe and a rotting leg on the bonnet covered in chunky custard.  If you're aware of any, let me know.  (And if you worship one, let me know so I can stay away from you.)

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