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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Today I Learned the Meaning of Pain.

Today our lecturer told us about nociceptor neurons which are what our bodies use to sense pain. Or more accurately, they are what our bodies use to create pain for us. Without them there would be nothing intrinsically painful about having your arm lopped off, although I presume that sort of event might be somewhat mentally distressing.

Nociceptor neurons are responsible for two types of pain: fast pain and slow pain. Fast pain is like a quick prick and is easily localized. Slow pain is a burning pain and more diffuse and harder to pinpoint. It is generally accepted that slow burning pain is worse than quick prick pain, but after having experienced a nasty chemical spill in my lap I can report that it is a combination of the two I fear most. There is nothing worse than burning prick pain.

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