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Thursday, March 22, 2012

South Australia Gets Over a Quarter of Its Electricity From Wind

South Australia is a world leader in wind power. Not that wind turbines are made here, we just install and use them. So I guess it would be more accurate to say South Australia is a world leader in the use of wind power. I just read some interesting information. In 2011 South Australia recieved 26% of its electricity from wind power. (If you want to be technical, a little bit of this was probably sent to Victoria, but I'm happy with the 26% figure and I'm a pedant, so don't sweat it.) The figure was 18% in 2010 and less than 1% six years ago.

As South Australia uses a lot of wind and gas to generate electricity, this means the state will come out ahead once the carbon price is introduced in July. We'll get the same reduced taxes and increased pensions but a smaller than average increase in electricity prices.

The rapid build up in wind power makes me think we might see something similar happen with solar power now that price of solar panels have dropped so low.

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