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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Report On Not Being Stupid.

So, how did my day of not doing anything stupid go? Rather stupidly I must admit, but at least I ate a non-stupid breakfast. I was actually experiencing a sensation generally known as pain this morning, so I told myself it was okay to do all the stupid things I normally do, so that I would be distracted from that pain. So I read stupid stuff on the internet and I watched an episode of Doctor Who. I also pointed out to a liar on the internet that they were lying. I'm sure that will make a great difference in the scheme of things. I'm sure that person is busy right now travelling around the internet and retracting all the lies they've told. But the day was not a total failure, in a small way it was less stupid than normal. I might try for another non-stupid day on Thursday, or at least a less stupid day than today day.

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