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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Cornucopia Produces an Endless Supply of Rats and Cockroaches!

Shorter Julian L. Simon: We don't need to worry about resource exhaustion because people will see the resources being exhausted and do something about it.

So if we don't need to worry, then who is actually going to do the worrying and do something to solve the problem? It's Catch 44 - like Catch 22 but twice as bad. But actually, since I'm an optimist, for me it's only Catch 11. I actually totally agree with Julian in a totally qualified way. We have solutions to pretty much all our problems, we just need to actually do something about them. Like yesterday. But I do see modest steps being taken and I'm sure that boulder behind us won't pick up any speed as it rolls down that slope. I know the laws of physics say it will, but I'm sure if we ignore those laws hard enough they'll go away.

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