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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Apathy - Why I Haven't Put Mind Control Drugs in Your Breakfast

I didn't feel terrible today. This is a good thing. I was able to achieve this state by not eating anything for most of the day. You see, once I'm well fed, I don't really give a damn about anything. My lack of emotional response seems to leave my stomach as the main motivating factor in my life and if I refuse to fill it to capacity some of the FEED ME! motivation can spill into the non-gustatory areas of my life. Why today I must have spent a good five minutes doing stuff that was useful. Pushing myself to the limits of physical exhaustion can also trigger survival mechanisms meant to keep a human alive in times of physical stress but which I exploit to do things such as grout the bathroom tiles. Mind you, this can have drawbacks such as crippling oneself. I seem to have mildly crippled myself in several respects. My ow right ow hand ow is ow sending staccato flashes of mildly searing ow pain up my arm as I type this. This is somewhat annoying, but on the bright side I'll be less annoyed if I lose my right arm when my manpig turns on me.

I guess I should stop typing and hope that my hand experiences some degree of recovery. In fact, I think it would be very sensible for me to not type anything at all for a while, as not stopping could make my encripplement worse. So if you see anything written here in the next few weeks then I am being very, very stupid.

But then, that's pretty much always been the case.

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