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Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's so Hard Being Moral!

You may remember me previously mentioning that I was going to use this blog to start a moral jihad which I was going to fund through advertising for roboprostitutes. Well, after my attempts to develop roboprostitutes in Japan resulted in no saleable product and inadvertently unleashed a small army of roboprostitute prototypes dedicated to destroying disgusting flesh creatures, funding for the moral jihad has hit a bit of a snag.

Now some people might ask why I can't fund the moral jihad though other means? I think the answer is pretty obvious. If I said I'd fund a moral jihad one way, it really can't be very moral of me to go back on my word and fund it another way. That would defeat the whole point of the exercise. No, I'm afraid that until I can raise money in the way I said I would, morality will have to go hang and I will have no choice other than to continue being immoral until I can morally raise money the way I said I would.

So I went and looked if there was anyone else developing roboprostitutes for whom I could advertise. I didn't have much luck. I got very excited when I found out about the Real Doll company, but when I contacted them I discovered that they had completely left out both the robo and the prostitute part of roboprostitute. It turns out that the product they make isn't even sentient and is simply a sex doll. This means that many people making use of their product will be engaging in unethical behaviour. Think about it. How can a non-sentient lump of matter possibly give consent? I felt so filthy after talking to them I had to take a shower and go to confession. I didn't feel clean again until after I had performed my penance in front of a couple of nuns. That always makes me feel better.

But I have to say it did feel good to confess to Father O'Flannery. He was surprisingly knowledgeable on the whole subject of sex dolls, or sex action figures, as he kept referring to them.

Anyway, I will continue looking for people who want to advertise roboprostitutes here on this site, but I don't hold much hope. I may have to settle for advertising the closest thing to a roboprostitute available that comes from a company with high moral and ethical standards. Wish me luck.

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