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Friday, January 27, 2012

Create Some Inflation Already, Goddammit!

There is no witty caption to go along with this. This is what Liberty actually said when she rang the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, and the US Federal Reserve today.

The United Kingdom is currently doing worse than during the Great Depression. The EU is in a mess and the US is suffering a long slow, mini-depression. Australia was the only rich nation to avoid a recession and it's not because we were smart, but because everyone else was so stupid. We just pulled out the standard plan for what to do when there's a Global Financial Crisis and more or less followed it. (I think the plan was titled, “What to do when the world economy punches itself in the gonads.”) We assumed that everyone else would follow the plan, but no, every other rich nation used a piss weak plan that wasn't enough. You'd think at that point they'd look at Australia and say, “Well, we screwed that up! Let's do what Australia did! That's obviously working!” But no, they totally ignored us and our success. I can sort of understand this from the US, they have a habit of ignoring things that happen in foreign type places, but it hurts being ignored by the UK.

Hey, UK! You remember us, don't you? We poured drinks for you the other night in the Bunker Bar while you were laughing about kicking beggars and turbo charged austerity, while rioters looted in the streets above.

Please remember us.

We remember you...

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