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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Gay Pill

I'm reading a book. You know, one of those papery things that isn't an x-box? It's by Francis Fukuyama. That's Francis "The End of History" Fukuyama. Anyway, in his book, "Our Posthuman Future," he suggests that it is possible that a pill that eliminates the chance of your child being homosexual could be developed and he speculates that discrimination against gays could increase if this results in their becomeing a much smaller minority.

This got me to thinking about what if a pill was developed that could temporarily make hetrosexuals gay? This could be a great boon to human happiness. Time and time again groups of young men go out drinking and trying to find women to have sex with and fail miserably at the second part. If these young men had a gay pill then they could take it and enjoy having sex with each other instead of going home alone. I think this development would go down very well with a large section of society and is not too different from what some of them do already.

But I imagine some people might be very resistant to taking a gay pill, even when it would logically make them happier, for reasons of self image. I can sort of understand this. I for one would be very resistant to taking a pill that would make me enjoy cricket. But as more and more people enjoy switching between sexualities when it's convenient, it's possible that this exclusively hetrosexual group may end up becoming a discriminated against minority.


At 6:34 PM, Anonymous Vince said...

Ronald, how do your toes feel? 'Cause you're really stretching on this one. Why would I ever want to be attracted to a gruff hairy drunk? I'd rather go home alone and pull the nudy mag from under my mattress if you don't mind.

At 1:26 PM, Blogger hhh said...

Well would like me to slip a pill on your glass so you would find to having had sex with a really feminine hot chick? Maybe feel that flowery girly perfume over your body when you start coming to yourself and seeing the world as you normally see it? While my frontal organ gets stiff with this thought, yours probably gets really anxiously hidden. This is because you have a different taste for some matters. And we should all give respect if we request it. Besides, making people have very different sexual desires is what drug assisted rapist do, and not only can you desire a different gender, you can screw an old geezer you despise, who smells like boiled peas. How would you like that? And speaking of drugs of such type, some working girls for big pharmas posing as respectable therapists already use some really interesting drugs to get gay men to like pussy-cats in the long run. Wonder what happens when they forget their pills because thfeel better and suddenly go into shock while making babies with their lovely female wife. But hey, everything to get what you want, be it an ocasional constricted sausage or a brand new clinic. They say world changing drug defending hippies are gonne. They just started writing blogs and gonne to medical school. No offense your view of such matters, if your being serious, is revolting for me.


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