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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Audi Announces 500 KM E-Tron Quattro! Not The Car, Just The Concept!

With a 500 kilometer E-tron Quattro,
I could drive to a most distant bottle-oh,
One in Coober Pedy don't you know.

Some people say this car is phony,
But a magic talking pony,
Told me that it isn't just for show.

As soon as I am able,
I will buy this mythic fable,
And be stared at everywhere I go.

I will hover in the air,
On an invisible magic chair,
And tell my number one to make it so.

We will soar at ludicrous speeds,
As on imagination the engine feeds,
In automobilic emperor's new clothes.

Parked within my garage,
Will be a shimmering mirage,
The unillusionary E-tron Quattro!

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