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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Target Shooting With Simulated Guns for Fun and Profit and Above All Else, Safety.

I recently read about the vast amount of ammunition that is used by target shooters in the United States and elsewhere.  So I started wondering, why isn't the sport of target shooting practiced with simulated guns?  In our modern age of lasers and moving parts and refined metal and stuff, we are quite capable of building devices that act like firearms but which don't actually spit out a piece of metal at high velocity.  They can even be made to go bang and emit the smell of burnt smokless powder.  And we are quite capable of using a TV screen or other device to display a target showing where the bullet would have gone if the device had actually been a gun.  Various types of simulated guns currently exist.  Militaries have been mucking around with them for quite a while in the hope of cutting down on training costs and improving safety.  To get the ball rolling, I think the next Olympics should have simulated weapon target shooting. 

Of course those who are attracted to target shooting because of the role guns play in dominance fantasies in our society will probably think this idea will spoil their jollies.

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