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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Joy to the World, the Lord is Seminal. (2013 update)

Joy to the world, the world's still here,
The Mayans could not kill us,
And so with relief we all cheer,
Although the thought did thrill us.

Joy to the dirt, for some clouds rained,
Just not in the U.S.,
More rain it would be nice also Greenland retaining ice,
But you can't have everything I guess.

Joy to world for Germany saved us,
They reduced the price of PV,
All we need to do is install all across the world,
If Campbell Newman lets us.

Joy to the world because I am rich,
I've got lots of money,
And I will keep it all and not give it to the poor,
Because I look tall if you're standing in a ditch.

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