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Friday, December 03, 2010

Economics without Illusions by Joseph Heath - A Canadian who loves light bulbs, but knows them not!

Joseph... can I call you Joseph? Of course I can. I mean, that's your name. It would be pretty silly if I called you Esmeralda. Anyway, Joseph, I have to tell you, you're a really wonderful guy and you've written a great book. I love you man... but not physically.

I just thought I should mention the not physically part because I know Canadians tend to be a very touchy feely people. When I was young I once sat next to a Canadian during dinner and she continuously bumped against me, poked my shoulder, grabbed my arm and so on. There was so much physical contact that by the time we finished dessert I decided that this must be what having sex is like. (Lots of nasal sounds with some cheesecake at the end.)

Anyway, I just want to say that you've written a great book, Joseph. But, and it pains me to have to say this... well, no, actually it doesn't pain me. Probably because I bear a marked resemblance unto a big prick who thrives on pedantry. But anyway, you say you are very fond of light bulbs, but while you may love light bulbs, do you truly know them? I think not, Joseph. I think not.

You say that in a cold clime such as Canada the inefficiency of incandescent light bulbs is of no import, as the waste heat merely goes towards heating the home during the 27 months of the year when it's fricking cold in Canada. But that's where you're wrong, my philosophical friend. You see, I did my research by asking a hallucination, and it said that many Canadian homes have some form of heat exchanger which performs a much more efficient job of warming Canadian domiciles than electrical resistance heating ever could! This means you are WRONG to say incandescent light bulbs don't waste energy! Or at least you are wrong provided my hallucination was telling the truth. And even if a Canadian home doesn't have a heat exchanger they often have fuel oil or natural gas central heating which is about three times more efficient at providing heat than an electric lightbulb powered by fossil fuel generated electricity!

But aside from that, great book. Very interesting. I liked it.

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