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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Stop Public Funding of the Olympics. Have More Fun.

Some people are having a go at Australian athletes for crying when they don't win gold. These emotional break downs do not mean that the athelete is a bad person. What it does mean is that we have a bad system that takes young people and gets them to stake their self worth on coming first out of seven billion people. We should stop this shit. We should just stop it. We should take all the funding for we spend on the olympics, every cent of it, and spend it on ordinary people playing sports for fun. And at least two thirds of it should go towards making sports and physical activity fun and non stressful for fat kids. Now I'm not saying we should stop people competeing in the Olympics. If that's what you want to do, go for it! Good luck to you! But what I am saying is that we shouldn't be contributing public funds to it because it's a waste of our sports dollars. We'd get more benefit and more enjoyment from organising kids to run around the botanical gardens with nerf guns than we would from trying to shave a thousandth of a second off an olympic hurdler's time. Now some people will say that we should fund the Olympics for patriotic reasons. That it's important for Australians to win gold for reasons of national pride. In that case I'll ask these patriotic people to name three Australian Noble Prize winners. Yeah, that's what I thought. And yes, using Wikipedia is cheating.

We should stop this shit and have more fun.

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