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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Do Ribosomes Have Souls?

I just watched a video on youtube about protein synthesis and it was terrible.  It portrayed messenger RNA, ribosomes, etc. as having volition.  They knew exactly where to go and just magically went where they were supposed to as if they were piloted by tiny little men.  (Tiny little women have better things to do with their time.)  And they were accompanied by Star Trek like sound effects as they went.  While some basic information was correct, overall it was as wrong as if they showed cars being constructed by workers throwing random components into a pile and then the car built itself by working out which parts fit best where.  (Now that I think about it, that would be a really cool way to make a car.) 

Protein systhesis is not well organised, it is a clown show!  With all the clowns (clowns in this analogy represent cell crud) bouncing off each other and spinning away randomly until by chance tab A just happens to go in slot B and that is how babies are made.  No wait!  Wrong biology lesson!  It's a clown show until by chance complimentary charges on the right molecules line up.  Then they snap into place.  Sometimes. 

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