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Monday, May 07, 2012

Facist Grannies of the Internet

Dear Facist Grannies of the Internet,

Thank you so much for sending me the HILARIOUS chain emails that do so much to lighten my day and never make me lose all hope for the future of humanity and curl up into a fetal ball on the floor and rock back and forth. 

The latest email posed the question, "If someone has sex with prostitute against their will, is it rape or shoplifting?"  This is a tough question and to try to gain insight into the correct answer, I've hired a small band of mercenaries to abduct you, take you to a sugar cane plantation and force you to perform heavy manual labour using the threat of physical punishment.  I'm hoping we might obtain some enlightenment from your answer to the question, "Is being forced to work in a cane field from dawn to dusk under the threat of the lash for no pay slavery, or is it gardening?"

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